A short story about a lifelong dedication.

Kyle House in Sutherland Scotland is a new treat for mind, body and soul.

Good design. Decent architecture. Exceptional craftsmanship.

"With Kyle House, we wanted to make a small but very luxurious holiday home.  A hide-away den for you to sneak away with your loved ones for a few days. Quality in every detail and superior materials are the fundamentals that ensure a safe and sophisticated base in the middle of raw Scottish nature."

Located at the Southern tip of the Kyle of Tongue, Kyle House sits elevated in the wild landscape and is the only inhabited house to enjoy uninterrupted views along the length of the sea loch to the North. On approach, it reads as a simple, symmetrical two-storey classical stone-building, facing East towards Ben Loyal.

It is believed that the house was build from remains of the 2000 year old Dun Mhaigh Broch, an iron-age building which still sits on the hill above the cottage.

Previously derelict, Kyle House's exterior has been faithfully restored using traditional materials: stone, limerender, lead and slate. New openings were neatly cut into the rear elevation and on both gables to let light in and provide dramatic views out to the landscape. With almost nothing remaining from the original interior, the classical plan was reinterpreted and simplified to form a series of rational living spaces, pared back to an almost monastic simplicity.

"We are very much looking forward to share the house with travellers seeking beauty and solitude".

Kyle House is part of WildLand Limited that offers you a portfolio of extraordinary and unforgettable getaways.

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"Enter a new generation of hotels and lodges under the guidance of forward-thinking owners intent on offering, finally, a union of

character and comfort"

Financial Times How To Spend It. April 2017






The House



The Interior